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As the investment subsidiary of Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819), we support a wide stage of startups from establishment to IPO. We make seed investments through our Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator Program and early-to-late stage investments via DG Incubation.

We provide growth support for every stage: we help early stage startups with their foundation by helping identify their problem and solution to tackle, and for startups beyond we provide data and analysis, recruiting, and other aid all for the purpose of growth and increasing their value.

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Open Network Lab


DG Incubation operates Open Network Lab, a business to further entrepreneurship and the startup industry through its incubation programs, events, and community. One of the incubation program is the Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator Program, launched in April 2010 and is the oldest accelerator program in Japan. Through the program we not only invest in startups, but also provide useful content and help foster and build the startup community.

Investment Criteria (Stage, Category, etc.)